Nyss – Princess Terre (Three Studies of Silence and Death)

Country : France
Genre : Atmospheric Black Metal
Label : Avantgarde Music
Release Date : August 28th, 2017

In the wake of a nightmare summer on the quality of its releases, the Italian label Avantgarde Music intends to enhance somewhat its popularity by producing the intriguing first album of the French duo Nyss. Princess Earth offers itself to its potential audience in a curious and rather mysterious way, and despite the four EPs released by the two artists in 2016, no one really knows what to expect on a format a bit more consistent. But that does not matter, the very first album of Nyss seems to have the shoulders strong enough to assume the status of good surprise. And maybe even more than that.

If you look at the unhealthy cover that illustrates Princess Earth , you may have had an impression of déjà vu. Indeed, the impressive hooded silhouettes are the well-known work of a Czech artist. Jakub Hadrava chose to revive the ghosts of another time, taking the place of some faithful who perished at the collapse of the Church of St. George of Lukova. A glittering and edifying work perfectly exploited in turn by Nyss, who chose the darkness of Hadrava’s work to illustrate an album at least as dark and harmful. For the French duo, this is the first long-term release, and even if Princesse Terre disappoints by its duration, it has perfectly enough to charm.

Despite three hearty titles, half an hour of music is relatively little, especially when the last two EP offered only a title to their buyers. But that does not matter, Nyss does not need to compose in length or shape in the grandiloquent to achieve its ends. The forces involved are quite simple. A black metal with light atmospheric shades supported by a varied rhythm and a song very well brought. The whole thing is accompanied by riffs not very saturated but whose anger and spontaneity will have no difficulty to conquer you with the way. If almost perfect production shows some limitations as to immersion, it promises you at least a most enjoyable experience.

On Princesse Terre , the work done with respect to singing is a real plus, especially on the last two titles. The equilibrium found between clear and rough songs is simply remarkable, and some painful lyrical surprises on « III » would almost nostalgically recall the song present at Ghost Bath period Moonlover . If singing is accessory most of the time, one sees the difference it can make when treated with care and application. But of course, Nyss did not need this to make his album a separate release, it is indeed his whole musical universe that contributes more than widely.

Princess Earth is a whole, both on the thematic and musical level, as indicated by the complement Three Studies of Silence and Death , added after the original title. Thus, it must be treated and listened to in this sense, or in its entirety the most complete. His listening will seem to you much more engaging, and a certain form of melancholy will emerge perhaps on the surface of an album that knows where to support and at what moment to bewitch the listener, or on the contrary, the tancer somewhat. Indeed, half an hour is rather short, especially when you are faced with music of such quality. But it has become so rare that an album, however short, is as coherent as Princess Earth, That one comes to wonder if Nyss did not give birth to the perfect album.

It was therefore necessary to wait until the end of August so that the Italians of Avantgarde Music finally offer us a summer album to the height of their flair usually infallible. The French duo Nyss signed a first album of high quality and at the same time entered the closed circle of the most promising projects of the Hexagon. If the duo stays true to his work rhythm, maybe we will get a new release sooner than expected, but in any case, it is clear that Princess Earth will satisfy her world for very long months before The idea is simply emitted that it may lose momentum. France occupies a place of choice at the table of kings.